Activation code

Activation code

Activation code is 16 digit alphanumeric code that you need to use to download the ebook on your device.

Activation code available On purchase of hard copy of book

How to use

To use the activation code and download an ebook on your device you need to first download and install the Tech-Max eReader app. Tech-Max eReader apps are FREE apps available as given below-

  • For Android App - Go to Google play store and search for “techmaxebooks” app.
  • For iOS devices - Go to Apple play store and search for “techmaxebooks” app.
  • For Windows PC/Desktop and Laptops - Go to and download the techmaxebooks.exe

Note: Android version 4.0, iOS version 5.0 and Windows version 8.0 and above are supported. If your device or PC has these version, only then you will be able to read the ebooks neatly.

Expiry Date

Activation codes are valid till the date mentioned on Activation code sticker. After the validity date the activation code expires and you will not be able to download the ebook using that activation code.

If you have downloaded an ebook using activation code with valid till date mentioned on sticker as say for example, 31-dec-2015 then after 31-Dec-2015 your ebook will get deleted and you will not be able to read that ebook after 31-Dec-2015.